Mines Becoming Smarter and Safer. Jannatec Technologies and VALE SA Come to Agreement to Further Integrate Proximity Detection.

Jannatec Technologies works with VALE SA to further implement J.A.W.S (Jannatec Advanced Warning System) proximity detection at three of their Canadian Mines.

Sudbury, Canada, June 14, 2019 --(PR.com)-- Jannatec Technologies, a Sudbury based mining communication design and innovation company, are pleased to announce that in May of 2019 an agreement has been reached to provide their ENSO SmartView platform housing the J.A.W.S (Jannatec Advanced Warning System) proximity detection application for integration at VALE’s Creighton, Garson, and Totten mining operations. This modular platform has been purposely designed and manufactured for the mining industry’s current and future technological needs.

While safety is the utmost concern surrounding this project, the future capabilities and potential have also been factored into making the decision. The platform’s adaptability creates a foundation for providing multiple future capabilities with use of custom designed applications. Its ability to communicate and collect data over multiple communication topologies such as but not limited to LTE, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth also prepares it for future communication requirements.

Technological advances and safety concerns have been pushing the industry to adapt and evolve. This joint project aligns both, Jannatec's and VALE’s common goals for digital transformations, increases in safety and satisfying newer communication topologies in the mining industry.

About Jannatec Technologies:

Jannatec Technologies is a Sudbury based innovation company which is ISO 9001:2015 certified with a long history in the communication, design and manufacturing industry. Innovation drives them forward with developing and creating ground breaking systems while to bring the digital transformation to the industry. They strive for superior satisfaction by going above and beyond expectations. They seek to mold a future in which humans and technology can work in unison to increase productivity as well as safety.

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