Vetrano Family Lawyer Sarinia Feinman Spoke at Recent PBI Program

Main Line family lawyer Sarinia Feinman recently spoke at a PBI Program on Equitable Distribution in Pennsylvania.

King of Prussia, PA, June 19, 2019 --( Main Line family lawyer Sarinia Feinman recently spoke at a PBI Program on Equitable Distribution in Pennsylvania. The event was accessible in-person to attendees in Philadelphia, and also at various locations in Pennsylvania where it was being simulcast. Those interested may still register for a video replay at various locations by visiting the PBI website,

Ms. Feinman’s program was held on Tuesday, June 11, 2019. The session offered participants guidance on how to work with the complex fact patterns often present in equitable distribution cases, as well as how to present and defend the facts effectively. The attendees were presented with complex fact patterns, and instructed on how to handle the issues that arose. Various issues were considered, such as dissipation of marital assets, how to handle gifts, issues in business valuations, alimony obstacles, and many other issues that arise in the context of the divorce proceedings.

Ms. Feinman is a partner with Vetrano | Vetrano & Feinman LLC, whose divorce and family lawyers in Main Line Pennsylvania are dedicated to helping clients through difficult family law issues, such as support and child custody. Ms. Feinman is currently serving a three-year term in the Pennsylvania Bar Association House of Delegates. As of January 11, 2019, Ms. Feinman took on the role of Treasurer of the Montgomery Bar Association, and continues to serve on the Board of Managers of the Montgomery County Youth Center as well. Ms. Feinman often speaks at events offering guidance to newer lawyers or those seeking further education.

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