Mhde Askar Releases List of Top Travel Accessories for 2019

Travel blogger Mhde Askar is back with product tips his readers can use to travel in comfort and style.

Chicago, IL, June 20, 2019 --( More people travel now than ever before, and inexpensive, high quality accessories have flooded the market with ingenious fixes to on-the-road issues. Askar runs down some of his favorites:

GDTK Passport Holder.
This stylish leather passport billfold has spaces for credit cards, boarding passes, and business cards to keep all your critical travel documents in one place. The GDTK Passport Holder features RFID blocking technology to guard your personal information.

TRTL Travel Pillow.
Unique among travel pillows, the TRTL wraps around your neck like a scarf and features underwire to support your head at an ergonomic angle. The TRTL offers a creative, portable solution to the challenge of sleeping while upright.

v - 4-Set Packing Cubes.
If you are used to a cluttered suitcase full of wrinkled clothes, packing cubes will change your life. The Shacke Pak of four packing cubes allows you to tightly compartmentalize your clothing categories for easy access and limited wrinkling.

Etekcity Digital Luggage Scale.
Never get surprised by steep baggage fees again. This handheld pendulum scale travels light and tests the weight of bags up to 110 pounds.

Misslo Portable Nylon Shoe Bags.
You can't keep your suitcase clean by continually throwing in dirty shoes. Keep the grime of the road off your other travel essentials with this four-pack of handy zip-up shoe cases.

Bose QuietComfort 35 (Series II) Headphones. These are the gold standard in noise canceling headphones. To listen to music or movie audio in peace, free of any surrounding white noise or chaotic din, Bose QuietComfort leads the pack.

Forge TSA-Aapproved Travel Locks.
Locking your luggage against intruders has never been easier with these low-profile combination luggage locks, engineered to be durable and travel light.

TRAVELON Bag Bungee.
If you struggle to herd multiple suitcases through crowded streets and airports, this bungee assembly daisy-chains your bags together, allowing them to be rolled as a unit.

Embody Care Adjustable Footrest.
Travelers with weary or painful feet will find this adjustable footrest to be a lifesaver on long flights and train rides. Relieving the pressure on your foot improves posture, circulation, and can even reduce lower back pain.

Alpha Keeper Waist Belt.
The waist belt is a time-tested solution to protect cash, credit cards, passports, and other valuables from pickpockets. Worn tucked under your shirt or waistband, the Alpha Keeper protects your personal information with RFID blocking technology.

GlocalMe U2 4G Mobile Hotspot.
The GlocalMe U2 uses SIM technology to create a mobile WiFi hotspot from local 4G cellular data in over 100 countries. Up to five devices can be connected wirelessly to the 4G data network through this hotspot.

BesTek Universal Power Adaptor.
The only power adaptor you will ever need, the BesTek adapts to every country's voltage ratings and allows you to power up to seven devices at a time.
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