NewsPortalSite Releases Its College Newspaper Websites

NewsPortalSite makes college newspapers more easily accessible with its new product: CollegeNewsNet.

Minneapolis, MN, April 02, 2008 --( With the popularity rise of, NewsPortalSite has released yet another installment in its burgeoning list of low cost online news driven websites: CollegeNewsNet.

For a number of years, school and college websites have been programmed mainly by students. This procedure has left school websites with overall less-than-perfect quality and underdeveloped features. CollegeNewsNet is here to change that.

CollegeNewsNet focuses directly on the needs of colleges the world over. With specialized features and programs, colleges will find that there is a wide variety of specialized features designed specifically for college level educational news publications. "We designed CollegeNewsNet to be useful and beneficial to any college, no matter what size," said Josh McDonald, Director of Marketing for NewsPortalSite, "CollegeNewsNet was designed specifically for colleges, it's as simple as that."

Clients can take their college papers one step further with the use of CollegeNewsNet's ready made system. The program involves a low, one time setup fee and then a rated monthly service fee. Everything (hosting, stats, email, unlimited telephone support, free updates) is included.

The inclusion of a thirty day free trial makes trying CollegeNewsNet completely risk free.

Josh McDonald
Office hours are 9am-6pm weekdays.