Recruitment Studio to Feature in Popular BBC One Show Wanted Down Under

The recruitment agency was invited on the set of a popular BBC reality television show.

Auckland, New Zealand, July 01, 2019 --( Recruitment Studio, an Auckland-based agency that facilitates hiring, is set to feature in an upcoming episode of the popular BBC show Wanted Down Under. The show selects families from the United Kingdom and brings them down to live in New Zealand or Australia. Recruitment Studio executives were invited on the set to help one of the family members brought to New Zealand to explore work opportunities here.

The Recruitment Studio’s co-founders and senior consultants, Bridgette Johnstone and Jo Henderson were tasked with helping the latest participants of the reality-television show Wanted Down Under find work in New Zealand. The BBC One show that has been running for the past 12 years records the journey of the UK families from the time of their selection to emigration. The family’s efforts at assimilating in the new country including finding employment and housing are filmed.

“Here at the Recruitment Studio, we know that sometimes to be happy in life, big changes are needed. Moving countries to work and live can be that change. Everything involved with that move is massive; the decisions you make are key to you and your family’s happiness,” Johnstone said. She advises the candidates to make a pros and cons list. “Pros are for taking a particular path. Cons are against. Whichever side is greater than the other is normally the right decision to make - simple but effective,” she added.

The family from the UK will spend a week in New Zealand during which time the members will explore job opportunities and housing options. At the end of the week, they will decide if they want to stay or leave. Recruitment Studio will help the family understand the work opportunities available to them here, and guide them through the application and interview process.

Henderson, who has spent three years in the UK shared, “We are similar in many ways to the UK but offer lots of opportunities to align career with lifestyle. The opportunity is to weave in people’s love of the outdoors and different cultures in their move to NZ. Challenges are often the separation from family but that you’ll always find like-minded people in the community you decide to settle in.”

The episode will air in February 2020.

About the Company:
Bridgette Johnstone and Jo Henderson started the Recruitment Studio with an aim to provide a stress-free, positive recruiting environment driven by open and quality communication. The agency offers temporary, contract, and permanent recruitment services for all industries. It provides account management services for clients and professional guidance for candidates seeking employment opportunities. To learn more about Recruitment Studio visit

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