Pronexia Announces 4th Annual Culture Conference in Montreal

Pronexia Inc. announced today the launch of its annual culture conference, an exclusive event taking place in Montreal.

Montreal, Canada, June 30, 2019 --( Pronexia Inc. is one of Canada’s premier headhunting firms, working with Top Employers across the country for the last decade. Its founding members, Marina Byezhanova and Moranne Elarar, have gained considerable notoriety for leveraging social media to speak up about business issues which often go unsaid. Featured in publications such as Forbes, Fast Company, Inc., Success, and Yahoo! News, Pronexia has rapidly built a name for itself as the new-school headhunting firm. The company announced today that it’s 4th annual Culture Conference, a business conference speaker series, has been confirmed for October 10th, 2019.

Pronexia’s conference is an invite-only, all-day event which features a combination of Ted-talk-style speakers, discussion panels, and hands-on workshops. The conference, titled “Brand Your Culture,” focuses on how storytelling brands, engages, and drives the culture within an organization. Showcasing how stories can unite a company across different departments and break down silos, the event features major thought-leaders from companies like Aldo Group, Cossette, Bombardier, and many more.

With inclusive talks in both English and French, Pronexia’s “Brand Your Culture” event is structured by design to maximize tangible take-aways that can be implemented by its attendees immediately into their organizations. The concept of storytelling may seem counterintuitive to traditional business strategy - because it is.

“As our firm delved deeper into consulting companies on their organizational culture, we quickly realized that culture wasn’t enough to make a company succeed,” says Marina Byezhanova, Pronexia’s co-Founder. “It was the companies who understood and told stories regularly, both internally and externally, who consistently compelled and engaged their employees and customers. In tight Canadian job markets and competition at its height, it is the leaders who unite their teams through stories that truly achieve.”

After successfully positioning themselves as a high-quality recruitment partner for top companies, Pronexia realized that organizational culture was only one element of a company’s success. Adding a new consulting arm to their business, Pronexia’s proprietary culture assessments help companies understand where they are and where they can be in regards to culture. Touching on everything from company values to onboarding to leadership and learning opportunities, the firm’s consulting practice helped shine light on the key element of storytelling which connects diverse departments in the most successful organizations. “We realized it was the natural – and the most interesting – topic for our next conference,” said Byezhanova.

With its three previous conferences featuring speakers from innovative organizations including Uber, Google, Shopify, and Sid Lee (among others), Pronexia’s fourth event, slated for October 2019, is sure to make waves in the local business community.

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