TropheCase Releases Game-Changing Sports-Focused Social Media App

TropheCase is a New York BizLab Affiliate that is launching its first app. The New York BizLab was founded by Antonio Civitella, CEO of Transfinder, a software development company.

Schenectady, NY, July 10, 2019 --( TropheCase, the social media platform for athletes and sports enthusiasts, announces its much anticipated app is officially available for iOS and Android devices.

TropheCase founder and CEO Hunter Moffatt said, “the platform is poised to disrupt the sports industry by giving athletes of all levels the ability to easily track and share their progress.”

TropheCase, a New York BizLab affiliate, curates a 360-degree profile view, combining stats, multimedia and social features in one platform. As every athlete’s journey will be different, TropheCase provides a foundational framework and network that users can grow with for generations to come. The impact will be capturing the long-term evolution of athletes and or sports affiliates for their specific needs.

“The sports industry is being disrupted by technology advancements and cultural changes. Youth sports is a nearly $17 billion industry, which makes it larger than the business of professional baseball and the NFL with annual spending per child of $2,300,” said Moffatt. “We are proud of this initial public release and excited for feedback to add more features to future versions.”

TropheCase has a supporter in Ron Jaworski, former NFL quarterback.

“Throughout my success in the sports world, I believe TropheCase can bring value to many different levels of athletes and unrepresented sports,” said Jaworski, who is the chairman of the Arena Football League. “I see how TropheCase can be integrated into the AFL with player development, searching and visibility.”

Jaworski added that “this platform will level the playing field for athletes at the beginning of their career with technology for generations to come.”

Daniel Nolan, president and CEO of Hugh Johnson Advisors, has been advising Moffatt on this endeavor.

“TropheCase is an innovative platform that has great potential for athletes,” Nolan said. “The feedback and experience brings value to athletes, parents and sports affiliates in one network. I simply think of this as the LinkedIn for athletes.”

Antonio Civitella, founder and president of the New York BizLab accelerator where TropheCase is an affiliate, said he is impressed by the company’s progress.

“TropheCase, a BizLab Affiliate, has made significant strides in its development in the past year, including the addition of investors, advisers, technologists and users,” Civitella said. “The launch of the mobile app is a significant next step that will give athletes and sports enthusiasts what they want - an easy to use social media platform in the palm of their hands.”

TropheCase, the Tech Company is an Affiliate of the New York BizLab, a Tech Accelerator Founded by Transfinder's CEO.
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