Launches mRank: Absolute Evaluation of Chinese Resumes’ Quality and Relevancy

The Chinese job platform introduces another innovation in the worldwide HR scenario. Besides its automatic calculation of the match-rate between job seekers and job offers, Matchdragon now features mRank, intelligent evaluation of resumes’ absolute relevancy

Beijing, China, April 03, 2008 --( Matchdragon confirms its willingness to be unique. In the last few months, the Chinese job match platform ( became popular because of its auto-match, the “magic number” identifying how well each job seeker matches a certain job offer, calculated by artificial intelligence algorithms. Today, Matchdragon launches another magic index: mRank.

According to Stefano N. Roncari (CEO of Eggsist Ltd –, being the first job platform in the world to provide intelligent suggestions on “ideal jobs/candidates” rather than letting users perform a manual search, Matchdragon owes its success to the fact that it saves over 80% of the time that employers and job seekers normally spend looking for the right staff or job in China. The launch of mRank has the same purpose: providing employers with another important index meant to save their time by considering only the *good* resumes.

As Stefano N. Roncari explains, “since a rather vague job description would result in a big number of matching resumes, mRank comes to the aid of our auto-match rate. Combined together, the two indexes basically tell how good every resume’ is - not only in terms of *relative match*, but also in terms of *absolute relevancy*. mRank is calculated by our intelligent engine based on meaning analysis, and provides a significant help in discriminating among a list of resumes that are similarly matching a certain job description”.

Although the precise mRank algorithms are secret, the general criteria on which the index is based have been disclosed on the website ( They include resumes’ accuracy and relevancy, resumes’ update history, and user behavior (in order to discourage spam).

More innovations are expected in the next few weeks…

As announced on the website, Matchdragon will always be free for job seekers and, for a limited time, for employers too. The final price list is not available yet.

Stefano Roncari
+86 13651064740