Syncontext Supply Chain Wraps Up Its Rebranding Efforts

Vancouver, Canada, July 10, 2019 --( Syncontext Supply Chain, a supply chain technology firm based in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada, today announced the completion of its rebranding efforts.

Hector Orozco, President & CEO of Syncontext Supply Chain, said, “We had been planning a name change for a while prior to this rebrand. Like our suite of applications, we are always growing and improving, and it seemed like a fitting time to modernize our brand assets to represent an identity that better reflects our firm’s DNA of relentless curiosity, nimble innovation, love for cutting edge technologies and a passion for delivering value to our customers. We are always striving to help our clients find synergies within their supply chains and make context-based, data-driven - and ultimately better - business decisions.”

According to Orozco, the change in the company's identity extends far beyond the name.

“Increasing awareness of our brand through content generation and a more consistent web presence was a big priority for us in this rebrand initiative. Whether it’s the experience our team has as operators, analysts and consultants or the previous research work we’ve done through industry associations, we have a wealth of helpful data and best practices that we’re happy to share and discuss,” he says.

The rebranding includes a complete redesign of the company website, logos, graphics, communications and correspondence. It also includes the launch of a new company blog Insights, and a complete redesign of its Productivity Benchmarking research platform.

Although Syncontext Supply Chain has maintained the KOMSystems shaded green color scheme for its company icon, the rebrand includes an updated color scheme for its Slotting Pro and Productivity Pro applications.

Robbie Cluett, Director of Marketing and Business Development for Syncontext Supply Chain says, “Although we are dealing with complex algorithms and advanced data analytics, with our new branding, we really wanted something simple and modern, yet eye-catching.”

“One of the biggest priorities for our development team, aside from the effectiveness of our products, is keeping a clean and user-friendly interface, and we want to convey that in our branding,” adds Cluett.

According to company leadership, the completion of the rebrand is only the first of many exciting announcements to come in 2019.

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