New "Going Bananas" Cookbook

A new cookbook dedicated solely to bananas called "Going Bananas" Cookbook has just been released. It is offered by Good Cooking Central and contains 101 recipes for banana lovers.

Brantford, Canada, April 03, 2008 --( Just launched is a new cookbook dedicated to—of all things—bananas. It is an e-cookbook with 101 recipes for banana lovers. All the recipes contain bananas as an ingredient, with recipes from sweet desserts to savory supper dishes. There are banana smoothie recipes, and even some dedicated to alcoholic beverages, like the banana daiquiri.

The “Going Bananas” cookbook offers the banana lover many ideas for incorporating this healthy ingredient into many meal-time recipes. The reader can also have a bit of fun with banana trivia that is included throughout the book. Do you know how many people die by slipping on a banana peel each year?

The cookbook’s author, Denny Phillips, has provided other e-cookbooks for the cook-at-home, including “The Good Cooking Central Cookbook”, which is a family-oriented cookbook. Other offerings include “Travels and Tastes”, an e-book with travel reviews and articles that also includes recipes from the places reviewed, “20 Best Jamaican Recipes”, which includes spicy Island cuisine recipes, and “Mac ‘n Cheese Recipes for Students”, which contains recipes based on that popular mac ‘n cheese boxed dinner. Also offered on the Good Cooking Central website, where the “Going Bananas” cookbook is offered, are two recipe books for pets.

People who love that banana flavor, and others who want to experiment with new recipes, will enjoy this new cookbook. The book is available for purchase for $10.00 and can be obtained at the Good Cooking Central website by visiting, .

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