RxSafe Announces Partnership for European Distribution

San Diego, CA, July 24, 2019 --(PR.com)-- RxSafe, LLC today announced a partnership with UK-based Centred Solutions, Ltd to deliver adherence strip packaging automation to the European pharmacy market. Under the agreement, Centred Solutions becomes the exclusive distributor of RapidPakRx™ in the United Kingdom and the rest of the European Union (EU). RapidPakRx enables pharmacies to run a 30-day med cycle at the lowest possible cost, producing single or multi-med pouches with unprecedented accuracy and efficiency.

“RapidPakRx provides unparalleled adherence packaging automation because of its ‘smart’ bulk-loaded universal cartridges and extremely accurate built-in vision inspection,” says William Holmes, President & CEO of RxSafe. “Centred Solutions is the ideal partner to bring this technology to European pharmacy customers.”

The only adherence strip packaging system designed specifically for retail pharmacy, RapidPakRx enables pharmacies to custom package patient medications, sorted by day, date and time. The system requires no “exceptions” trays and no remote tray filling stations, meaning better accuracy and speed, dramatically reduced errors and very little rework.

“Centred Solutions is excited to introduce the transformational technology of the RapidPakRx to European markets,” says Todd Siegel, CEO of Centred Solutions. “The system’s small footprint and universal cartridges address the space limitations and constantly changing formularies that have limited expansion of pouch machines in many areas of the EU market. The added features of integrated machine vision, just-in-time workflow process and dynamically changing pouch size add to the uniqueness of the technology. We look forward to a product launch in the 4th quarter of 2019 and adding Europe to RapidPakRx’s successful launch in the US.”

Designed and manufactured by RxSafe in San Diego, the RapidPakRx can dispense all oral solid medications, including gelcaps, half tabs, capsules, tablets, new generics, supplements, vitamins, even OTC medications, without calibration. In addition, RapidPakRx can save hours of pharmacist time and due to its built-in, 3-step machine vision verification technology.

About RxSafe, LLC
RxSafe is the leader in robotic automation that improves patient safety and boosts profitability for independent retail and hospital outpatient pharmacies. Our RapidPakRx™ adherence strip packager produces single or multi-med pouches with unprecedented accuracy and efficiency, enabling pharmacies to run a 30-day med cycle at the lowest possible cost. RxSafe’s BlistAssist™ blister card packaging assistant improves manual preparation and verification of single or multi-med blister cards, delivering faster inspection and greater accuracy, traceability and security. Our RxSafe 1800™ system enables pharmacies to boost script-filling accuracy & speed, save floor space, increase narcotics security, and take control of their inventory management. Learn more at www.rxsafe.com.

About Centred Solutions, Ltd
Centred Solutions Ltd is a UK company and a wholly owned subsidiary of Centered Solutions LLC, its US parent. The company delivers transformative prescription medication packaging, fulfillment and automation to improve patient adherence and safety while reducing pharmacy errors and operating costs. Learn more at www.centredsolutions.co.uk.
Cameron Sowka