SocksLane Remains on Top with a Combined 4.78 Amazon Star Rating Worldwide

Portland, OR, July 31, 2019 --( SocksLane, the leading provider of compression socks in the US has expanded their market and for the last year remains to be on top of their game with an average of 4.78 Amazon Star rating worldwide. In the last 12 months the average rating of their products has never been below 4.7 stars. Compression garments sales of the company has been consistent in the US market but has not received the same response from their UK market.

A 4 star honest rating from a verified customers said, “I am pleased to say I love these socks. I did not know if they would fit. I have a high instep and need a wide toe box. I had never worn compression socks before, and to my surprise they are very comfortable. No more swollen ankles when I take the socks off after standing at the stove or going to my grandsons ball games. Shopping is more enjoyable and the vein below my shin doesn't stick out. The nightly leg cramps have pretty much gone away. I do wish the toes were a little wider. I wear a 91/2-10 shoe mostly wide width and because of this I give 4 stars instead of 5. I machine wash them in cold water with my other clothes but am afraid they might shrink if I dry them. So I hang them up to dry. I love they are cotton. My feet stay warm and cozy but don't sweat or smell. The cotton allows your feet to breathe. Otherwise these socks are amazing and I am going to order more on payday. I love the colors too!”

The company plans to intensify their customer sales support and continue to maintain their 4.78 rating worldwide. The compression sleeves and socks are available on Amazon at or through the company website, in different sizes and color variants.
Amanda Dixon