Nonprofit Leaders Inspired, Connected at Tampa Bay Charity Coalition Luncheon

Clearwater, FL, August 01, 2019 --( On Wednesday, July 27, The Church of Scientology Flag Service Organization hosted the bi-monthly meeting of the Tampa Bay Charity Coalition in the Fort Harrison’s Crystal Ballroom. 74 guests from nonprofits within the Greater Tampa Bay Area were in attendance to network, hear about the work of a featured charity and listen to Mr. Raul Arias Perez speak about his fight against human trafficking in Mexico.

Nonprofits such as the Pinellas Police Athletics League (PAL), TAG-IN and The Butterfly Effect of Golf networked before the luncheon and presentation. Following a buffet lunch prepared by the award-winning Fort Harrison Chefs, Clemence Chevrot, Community Affairs Director for the Church and event MC, welcomed guests.

“The Charity Coalition was founded almost 5 years ago to help form partnerships within the nonprofit ranks, thereby creating a community-oriented force for good in the Tampa Bay Area,” said Ms. Chevrot.

Ms. Chevrot told the audience that, “There are many reasons why one would decide to volunteer for or donate to a charity. It could be that the cause matters to you, that their event sounded fun to participate in, but the reason that comes up the most is that very distinct feeling you get after helping.”

To give an example of this, Ms. Chevrot welcomed Ms. Joanie Sigal, Chairwoman of the CCV Fashions with Flair Fashion Show. Ms. Sigal is a long-time Clearwater-area volunteer who sits on the boards of several nonprofits, including the Clearwater Jazz Holiday. She spoke about how she donates her time and efforts to help the Clearwater Community Volunteers, who has raised close to $200,000 over the past 15 years to provide underprivileged youth with food and toys.

Mr. Arias then took the stage, sharing his story of how he started a national campaign to combat human trafficking in Mexico. He first started his work after hearing two parents’ story of their daughter becoming a victim of human trafficking. He decided at that point that something had to be done to stop such occurrences and thus began educating millions, introducing them to the United Nations’ Universal Declaration of Human Rights with the Youth for Human Rights program.

Arias encouraged the attendees to keep moving forward with their own missions, saying, “Everything that has ever changed the world always started with one person. You may think you are just one person, but one person can make the difference.”

A speed networking segment followed wherein attendees had one minute to exchange as many business cards as possible. A few guests in attendance commented about how they made more new contacts in one minute than in a whole week.

The next Charity Coalition function will be its 5th Anniversary Banquet on the 14th of September in the Fort Harrison’s auditorium. To attend or find out more information about the Charity Coalition please contact Clemence Chevrot at (727) 467-6860 or

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