FirstScreen Releases My Voice, the Next Evolution in Personalized, Automated Interviews

FirstScreen, the leader in AI phone interview automation, just released their My Voice feature enabling recruiters to capture their own voice in interviews, enabling new levels of phone interview personalization for talent acquisition professionals.

Silver Spring, MD, August 01, 2019 --( FirstScreen, the leader in AI-driven, phone interview automation driven to bringing the "human" back in human resources, has announced that they have just released a key new "My Voice" feature, allowing recruiters to capture their own voice within interviews, alongside the organization's 14 other natural-language synthesized options. This has given FirstScreen the distinct advantage of enabling new levels of phone interview personalization for every type of recruiting market, whether for in-house talent acquisition teams and seasoned recruiting agencies.

Why is this important?
With the current job-seeker oriented market, it's important more than ever to offer candidates a quick, engaging experience to pre-qualify them for particular opportunities. Combining natural voice with a focused, automated phone call, brings together the best of all worlds, allowing recruiters to quickly identify True Talent candidates.

Why not just use resumes?
For over 400 years up until fairly recently, a resume was the golden standard for allowing a candidate to elaborate their work histories and skill sets to potential employers. With the advent of job engines, resume blast services and other technologies (coupled with bloating and "fake it until you make it" resume creation techniques), resumes have become essentially worthless in determining if candidates are well suited for a role.

Why is natural voice the next big thing?
Recording natural voice allows recruiters to infuse organization-cultural dimensions to their interviews, helping to build excitement, seriousness, personality and other emotions for candidates to get a sense of the type of company they may work for in the future.
Jeff Amster