SMD Powers New Functionality with AI, Creates Action Plans in One Click

Action AI Serves Up Auto-Generated, Targeted Action Plans

Atlanta, GA, August 03, 2019 --( Strategic Management Decisions (SMD), a results-focused employee survey and assessment company, has launched Action AI, an action-planning tool enabled by artificial intelligence (AI). Action AI creates data-backed action plans for leaders with a button-click, transforming a historically dreaded and laborious process.

In a recent study, 63 percent of employees stated they expected to see changes based on the employee survey, but less than one-third actually saw changes within their organizations.[i]

“Many organizations are trying to ‘fix’ the employee survey efficacy issue by collecting more data, yet employees and the c-suite simply want to see action and results,” states Shane Douthitt, co-founder and managing partner of SMD. “SMD’s goal is to help organizations take more action, not just collect more data, enabling HR leaders to show a return on investment from the employee survey. Action AI is laser-focused on just that: action. Plus, it not only helps leaders know what to work on and the best actions to drive change, but also ensures the actions are meaningful and directly connected to that specific organization’s business outcomes.”

Action AI is a functionality within SMD’s technology, SMD Link. Once the employee engagement survey or assessment has been completed, SMD Link connects the organization’s results to their most critical business outcomes via predictive analytics. Action AI learns which are the most impactful items and action tips based on this analysis of the organization’s data and SMD’s library of scientifically proven action tips. It then pre-populates leaders’ action-planning items at the click of the button. In essence, Action AI does the thinking for managers; all they have to do is push the Action AI button and their intelligently designed action plan is built for them.

[i] M. Betts & H. Spell, Employees Take Surveys to See Results, Not Because They Love Surveys. Study Dives into Employees’ Expectations of Surveys (2018).
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Trisha Smith