Shows the Strategic Power of Data

The strategic value “I Opt” technology is demonstrated using the glass ceiling.

Ann Arbor, MI, April 04, 2008 --( “I Opt” technology measures decision making methods. Major firms use it in areas like leadership training and team building on a worldwide basis. The data collected then becomes a major strategic asset.

Dr. Gary Salton, Chief of R&D at confirmed the value of “I Opt” data by applying it to the proverbial glass ceiling. He used it to find out if women are being held back in promotion because of their decision making approach.

The question was whether decision patterns of men and women differ. If they did, it could explain the “glass ceiling.” To test this, 1,729 executives were divided between VPs and Managers. Dr. Salton then compared males and females in each group. Statistical tests confirmed with 99.9% certainty that the two genders were exactly the same in their approach to issues.

“What this means,” says Salton, “is that any glass ceiling is not due to decision making differences, there are none.” The quality of the decision-making process is exactly the same—no better, no worse, Salton concludes.

What is probably happening is a screening process. Different decision skills are needed at different levels. VPs have to make decisions with fewer specifics, more uncertainty and over long time horizons.

Successful managers work with more specifics and have a shorter decision horizon. “Being a successful manager does not necessarily prepare you to be a successful VP,” says Salton.

What to do? Dr. Salton says that you have to cover two bases. Show excellence in doing your current job. Then contribute to strategic decisions in a way that gets noticed. “This is difficult, but women are every bit as equipped as men to do it,” Dr. Salton concludes.

This research shows that “I Opt” technology has an ongoing as well as instant value. If “I Opt” data can be applied to national issues like the glass ceiling, imagine what can be done in areas like corporate policy and culture, says Salton. He wraps up by saying “and it’s all free. Use any of the “I Opt” reports for anything and you get strategic data as a by-product.”

Dr. Salton’s complete study is available free in the Research Notes section of his home page at


Background: Dr. Salton has been analyzing information-processing strategies since 1991. He holds a Ph.D. in Sociology, an MBA and an MA in Economics.
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