WinkingSkull Proves to be a Great Resource for Gross Anatomy

New York, NY, April 04, 2008 --( Thieme Publishers recently launched WinkingSkull, a free, interactive resource for medical students. The anatomy website has seen consistent growth rates since it became publicly available and has increased membership by more than 350 percent since the beginning of the year. Organized by body region, the user-friendly study-aid contains all the must-know concepts students usually encounter during their first year in medical school.

Positive feedback from medical students include: "This is a great feature and one I utilized to supplement my course materials. I think it's a great idea, and I found it really helpful -- especially for head and neck and in general for quizzing myself." Also, "It’s a great resource for students taking gross anatomy." Faculty members are buzzing about it, too: "I love that Thieme is open about their atlas and educational resources. I have already added the webpage to my summer and fall syllabus."

Thieme recently conducted a survey of registered users and the findings confirm that almost 90 percent of users are satisfied with the site and more than 80 percent finding it easy to navigate.

The overwhelming majority of users (90 percent) use WinkingSkull to supplement course work. Overall, visitors responded very positively to the study-aid saying they will be very likely to return and to recommend the site to their friends and fellow-students.

From Boston to Berlin to Beijing, WinkingSkull is rapidly becoming a global phenomenon as interest grows from around the world.

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