ZTV Studio is Full Steam Ahead with B-Train Channel

ZTV Studio On Track to Shoot First Episodes of Small Business Programs.

Dallas, TX, August 14, 2019 --(PR.com)-- Just last week, The ZTV Studio held its grand opening inside the Presidential Business Center of Addison TX and this week, they are already scheduled to begin shooting their first production for the B-Train Channel on the ZTV Network (a Roku Network).

Zondra Evans, CEO of ZTV, is on a life mission to equal the playing field for minority women in business. Evans, who has over 40 years of corporate experience, is a 3-minority business owner: Evans is a Woman, African-American, and she is 60 years old. Her dream is to provide minority business owners a platform to create global exposure and success.

The B-Train Channel on the ZTV network (a ROKU Network) will focus on the entry level training needs for new businesses. The programming will be presented by subject-matter experts and vetted by The Industry Hub. The content will be offered in "bite-size" formats so entrepreneurs can access the information 24/7. “Entrepreneurs will be able to learn on their time-frame and at their convenience,” says Terry Toomey, Industry Director of The Industry Hub, “these engaging programs are specifically focused on startups.”

All episodes will focus on the “how-to” not theory, presented by some of the best in the business. Everything from accounting to marketing, public relations to networking and much more. You can see a list of potential classes at www.theindustryhub.org.

In her own words, why Terry Toomey decided to collaborate with ZTV, “When I met Zondra, we just clicked. The more we talked about empowering small businesses, the more excited we got. This was a dream come true for me. I have always believed that many platforms out there only service a small portion of the market and miss some major opportunities to help small businesses. By partnering with ZTV, we will be able to reach a mass audience with quality programming and make a real impact!”

The Mayor of Addison, Texas, City Council Members, the Metro Crest Chamber of Commerce, Presidential Business Center, and over 100 guests celebrated the Grand Opening of ZTV Studios.

ZTV Studio is poised to become an integral component of business growth for Addison.

About The Industry Hub (TIH): Founded in 2016 to address the loss of jobs and the mismatch of technology and knowledge. The first venture for TIH is the management of the Grow DeSoto Market Place incubator in DeSoto, Texas. We help businesses learn entry level strategies/skills to get started. With the launch of the “B-Train” streaming media training on ZTV network, targeted entry level training programs will be available for small businesses 24/7 with the sole focus on “how-to” do things.

About ZTV: ZTV is a multi-media platform company with a potential reach of more than 200 million viewers and users. ZTV is currently televised on 7 different streaming platforms and on Comcast Cable in Pennsylvania transmitting in over 12.5M homes in the area.

About Zondra Evans: Zondra Evans is the CEO of Zeds Corp, a global marketing platform, and the best selling author of Impact; Life, Leadership and Legacy, and The Power of Investing in You, and she is the co-author of The Moments in Life – “A Caregivers Story.” Evans is a regular on television and radio programs such as Biz Talk TV, local TV shows, and numerous shows including, The Jackie Hayes Show. Evans is the Chapter President for “I’m Possible” Women’s Empowerment Collaboration, Inc.

Evans’ work includes national organizations such as: The National Association of Women Business Owners, E-Women’s Network, Tracey California Women’s Forum, Association for Women in Science, California Government Networking Groups, Empowering Women, and El Dorado County Self Sufficiency Program.

Evans owns a thriving Coaching Practice, has two children and five grandchildren. She resides in McKinney Texas and is a lifetime fan of the Dallas Cowboys.
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