Lurchit - Receive Personal Services Wherever You Are

No more going to the car wash and waiting in long lines. Mobile detailing is the first of many services offered by new tech startup Lurchit.

St. Louis, MO, August 17, 2019 --( Lurchit aims to provide individuals with a platform that allows people to request a car wash wherever they are: work, home, at a friend’s house, etc. The objective is to let people do whatever it is they were already doing, while getting a service personally delivered to them. “Our goal is the help people increase their productivity,” says Lurchit CEO, Chris Weathers.

How it Works:
A user downloads the app, signs up and request a car wash. You can add to the base wash of $25, like tires at $10, interior at $15 or a wax for another $15. The grand works total to $65, plus a tip if you like. The app has a feel a little similar to other existing personal delivery apps. Once you request a wash, the app then searches for an available Lurch, and once one is found, you are taken to a map page. The lurch picture appears. You can call the Lurch during the course of the job, and the Lurch can call you with any questions. Once the job is complete, you can then tip and rate the Lurch. Lastly, the customer and lurch can see a list of their job requests and fulfillment history.

Becoming a Lurchit is fairly easy as well. Any customer can apply to become a Lurch right there in the landing page of the app, simply by clicking the “Become a Lurch” link.

“The long term goal is to provide an array of personal services, available in one app, and we’re starting with mobile detailing,” states Weathers, the company’s founder. Time will tell if the concept will become a hit with people, but the idea has potential.

About Lurchit:
Lurchit is a start up tech company based in downtown St. Louis, MO. The focus is to provide personal services to individuals, wherever they are through the Lurchit app available on iOS.

For more information, please contact Miles Taylor,, 314.328.5070.
Miles Taylor