Pacific International Marketing & Promotions Inc. CEO Randy Blacker Awarded U.S. Patent for Removable Dance/Exercise Pole

Fresno, CA, April 04, 2008 --( Pacific International Marketing & Promotions (PIMP, Inc.), the world leader in production and distribution of personal and professional removable dance poles, has announced today that CEO/Founder Randy Blacker has been awarded a U.S. Patent (#7,338,411) for his product, the Lil’ Mynx® Dance and Exercise Pole.

What started as a simple concept six years ago by Randy Blacker, has now grown into an international workout and personal entertainment phenomenon. Lil’ Mynx® has been offering women an easy and affordable solution for personal entertainment and an innovative workout since January 1, 2002. The Lil’ Mynx® has been the pole of choice for workout experts, studio and gym owners, fitness fans and celebrities alike. The list of stars who own and use a Lil’ Mynx® pole reads like the who’s who of the entertainment world.

The tremendous surge in popularity of the personal dance pole has spawned thousands of start-up studios that specialize in teaching women how to stay in shape, lose weight and have fun on the Lil' Mynx® dance pole - all at the same time. This new movement began making headlines around the country as Lil’ Mynx® dance poles started popping up all over the mass media including several appearances on the Oprah Winfrey Show as well as being featured on hit shows such as “King of Queens,” CNBC’s “The Big Idea with Donny Deutsch,” VH1’s “The Fabulous Life,” E!’s “Keeping Up With The Kardashians,” MTV’s “A Shot at Love” and numerous others.

In addition to the workout and entertainment applications, more and more entities have requested customized poles for a wide range of new uses, most notably in the medical field. The US military has also commissioned a prototype pole from PIMP, Inc. to use in combat operations as a removable laptop tray holder.

The structural design of the pole is both elegant and simple. The U.S. Patent Office, in granting a U.S. Patent, has recognized Mr. Blacker’s innovative approach to the manufacture and use of the Lil’ Mynx® dance pole, forever setting the Lil’ Mynx® dance pole apart from any other exercise pole in the market today.

“I am thrilled to have been awarded this patent. This has to be one of the best ideas of my life,” said Randy Blacker, PIMP, Inc. founder and CEO. “It has been an amazing ride from the very beginning developing the first removable poles in the world for this movement. With this new milestone, we are more empowered than ever to continue growing our company to new heights.”

Founded in 2002, PIMP, Inc. is the leading manufacturer and supplier of removable dance poles around the world. Lil’ Mynx® dance poles range in price from $229 to $475, with the Original Stainless Steel Pole remaining as their best seller. Lil’ Mynx’® newest pole designs feature custom artwork and paint schemes and are available directly from the company

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Lil’ Mynx is a registered trademark of Pacific International Marketing & Promotions, Inc.

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