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Ever wonder about how maps are created? Here is a DVD that explores the hidden political messages that maps send. The Peters Map was featured on an episode of NBC’s The West Wing, and many viewers thought the map was a hoax. But the map is real, even though the TV show was fiction. This documentary film traces the controversy and conflict the Peters World Map generated and challenges viewers to think critically about media messages of all kinds.

Amherst, MA, April 18, 2008 --( A new DVD, Arno Peters: Radical Map, Remarkable Man, is just released by (DVD, 30 minutes, available April 21, 2008). This riveting documentary traces the life of Arno Peters. This film contains the only English language interviews of Dr. Peters ever recorded. Filmed on location in Dr. Peters’ home in Bremen, Germany, just 15 months prior to his death, this penetrating analysis explores the passion Peters had for his “one world view.” From his childhood and his parents’ activism through the history and development of the controversial Peters map this film tells the remarkable story of historian, cartographer and world-class thinker Arno Peters. This story includes reporting on the faith-based publishers who took the risk of printing this radical Peters Projection Map, despite the resistance of traditional cartographers. The DVD also includes the scenes from 2002 West Wing episode where CJ Cregg (played by Allison Janney) has to deal with a dramatic shift of perception in her world view and resists the image of the Peters Map with south on top, “Because its freakin’ me out!” Other fascinating footage shot in the UK (at Oxford Cartographers, Arno Peters long-time collaborators and New Internationalist, also key players in spreading the Peters Projection’s message) and from a national geography conference in Philadelphia PA. Also includes interview clips with Denis Wood, Ward Kaiser, Terry Hardaker, Bob Abramms and others who shared interest in Dr. Peters’ work…plus outtakes, bonus footage, PowerPoints and more. The DVD has a dual pricing Structure: Individual Purchase Price: $39.95, Institutional Purchase Price: $89.00 (which includes a license to use the 300 PowerPoints included on the DVD.

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Those who work in faith-based schools may be interested in the following three clips, which are included as bonus features on the DVD: is providing free copies of the DVD to any organization willing to host a public screening for which no fee is charged. Sign up for a screening at

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