CougarShield® Establishes Strategic Partnership in South Africa

Inspiring car owners in professional car care solutions, CougarShield International deliver high performance products to the automotive community worldwide and pairing it with exceptional service and support to their country partners.

Johannesburg, South Africa, February 14, 2021 --( CougarShield International and Titanium Pros announced that they have forged a strategic partnership to bring in the innovative high performance products of CougarShield® coatings to the customers in South Africa.

As one of the World leading manufacturer and distributor of technological coating solutions, CougarShield International aims to use portfolio of products and unique selling proposition to differentiate offers, as they seek to develop the most attractive, and profitable partnerships in the world.

"CougarShield International is excited to appoint Titanium Pros as our strategic partner for the South African market. Titanium Pros's knowledge within the local market and their belief in quality products is a key consideration in their appointment for the South African market. We will be actively supporting Titanium Pros to make our products available to all the cities in South Africa," said CougarShield's® Commercial Director Vincent Soh.

About CougarShield International
CougarShield International is headquartered in Singapore, and is renowned for its proprietary Nano Titanium coatings. When applied onto surfaces of automotive or buildings, CougarShield® coatings forms a protective layer that protects and maintains the original condition of the coated surface, provides superb properties such as gloss enhancement, hydrophobic water barrier protection as well as superior hardness, and expansion & contraction adaptability. Water-based and non-toxic, CougarShield's® unique water-based formulation is also eco-friendly with no negative impact on the environment.

About Titanium Pros
Titanium Pros is South Africa’s leading company in professional detailing services specializing on innovative techniques and technologies in automotive grooming and protection. Their motto in going the extra mile and providing quality service protection and repair that utilizes innovative products, makes them the first to offer CougarShield®’s water based coatings incorporating Nano-Titanium technology. With a motto of going the extra mile, Titanium Pros aims to deliver quality service with equally quality products for their customers.

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