Dr. Ronen Shemesh, PhD Joins the Scientific Advisory Board of CardioLync

CardioLync’s Scientific Advisory Board provides knowledge and strategic thinking to influence the continuing development of the company.

Bet Shemesh, Israel, August 23, 2019 --(PR.com)-- Ronen Shemesh, PhD, an expert in life science R&D and product development, has joined the Scientific Advisory Board of CardioLync. Dr. Shemesh, who currently leads a start-up that is developing fertility enhancement products, previously held key discovery, R&D and management roles at companies such as Teva Pharmaceuticals, Atox Bio, and Compugen, and has authored and co-authored more than 19 published scientific papers and articles.

Dr. Shemesh said, “The Diagnostic Modality Interface Portal that CardioLync has developed is an excellent platform for analyzing data and identifying areas for research on cause and effect, and making alternative treatment recommendations, for identifying high-relevance candidates for drug/treatment trials, for identifying patients at high-risk for conditions other than the ones they were tested for, and for isolating commonalities among patients and flagging key factors in patient data files. I would like to help CardioLync become a 'go-to' tool for clinical trials and to gain wide acceptance by physicians in all areas of medicine, as well as by researchers in academia and pharmaceutical companies.”

CardioLync CEO Jeremy Kagan said, "We are very happy that Dr. Shemesh has joined the company’s Scientific Advisory Board. His deep and varied experience in life science technologies and in the pharmaceutical industry give Dr. Shemesh a unique perspective in sharpening the company’s vision for the future. With Dr. Shemesh’s advice, we will build upon our current technology to create artificial intelligence algorithms and deep learning features that will flag specialists of potential alternative diagnoses and treatments to help eliminate misdiagnosis of chronic conditions and reduce medical error which is the third leading cause of death in America."

About CardioLync:
CardioLync has developed a technology for doctor-specialist-patient care coordination that links doctors, experts, diagnostic technicians, and patients; that speeds access to images, data, and medical history; and that cuts time to the correct treatment plan. CardioLync’s Diagnostic Modality Interface Portal(™) is a secure sharing platform that is built around proprietary social networking technology that improves specialist workflow and communication so that patient data does not get overlooked, correct diagnoses are made, and life-saving treatment plans are reached.

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