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Monitis Systems Monitoring Enables Proactive Alerting

Monitis Inc., a leading provider of web applications, systems and network monitoring and analytics service, enables proactive monitoring by warning possible system failures. Monitis strategy is to provide monitoring as a service and be a one-stop destination for business and technical users to control their web infrastructure.

San Jose, CA, April 05, 2008 --( Web systems availability directly affects business return on investment. Monitis checks applications, network and systems availability 24 by 7 and notifies owners about their web failures. With new enhanced alerting Monitis provides proactive warning about systems resource shortage, hence enabling preventive actions. It helps not only preventing systems failures but also help reducing significant maintenance cost and time to fix by diagnosing root cause of a problem.

Monitoring as a Service compared to in-house monitoring provides significant advantages: no installations, no license fees, no maintenance, no dedicated servers, access from anywhere, support for distributed infrastructure like regional offices and dispersed data centers. The complete IT monitoring both from inside and outside of the enterprise firewalls can be configured in matter of minutes. Alerting rules are determined by users, including different notification channels like email, instant messenger and short text messages (SMS).

“Systems Monitoring as a Service is especially valuable for small and mid size enterprises, particularly Web 2.0 startups and Internet service providers,” says Hovhannes Avoyan, Monitis CEO and Founder. “It is both cheaper and better than a traditional software approach. With new notification mechanism the systems monitoring features are now complete and we have successful examples of its usage by both large and small enterprises.”

Monitis had several new feature announcements earlier this week and is planning new releases within next weeks.

About Monitis
Monitis is a leading provider of complete web monitoring and analytics. Companies use Monitis website performance monitoring to gain competitive advantage through efficient business execution, quality user experience and nonstop operations. Monitis checks and measures website performance metrics from global and local perspectives twenty four hours a day seven days a week. The company serves more than 20,000 users and monitors more than 75,000 sites and devices.

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