Exclusive Sanofi R&D Speaker Interview Released for 5th Lyophilization USA Conference

Lyophilization USA Conference update

London, United Kingdom, August 29, 2019 --(PR.com)-- SMi Group reports: Principal Scientist from Sanofi R&D is set to present at SMi’s 5th Annual Lyophilization 2 Day Conference taking place in Boston on October 23 – 24, 2019.

This year’s conference will explore novel and developing technologies that tackle current challenges and push innovation in the world of lyophilization. Bringing together industry leaders, it is a platform to discuss relevant topics that delve into alternative lyophilization approaches, applied statistical modelling, fresh views on scaling up and tech transfer, pre- and post-product characterization. regulation and beyond.

In the run up to the conference, the SMi Group caught up with Lauren Fontana from Sanofi R&D who will be presenting on Day One, to discuss her upcoming presentation and her thoughts on the current challenges and opportunities in Lyophilization.

A snapshot of Lauren’s interview:

What is your role within the field of Lyophilization and what perspective do you bring to the 2019 conference?

“In my R&D role, I am responsible for improving Lyo process development and analytical strategy. This includes application of new PAT technologies, process understanding and modelling for various modalities. Based on my years of benchtop experience, my perspective includes knowledge of problem areas within the filed which need solutions.”

What current hot topic will you be addressing in your presentation and what would you say makes it relevant to 2019?

“I will be discussing solid state characterization using Raman light scattering techniques. This is relevant as we transition from many solution state characterization assays based on protein development work..."

The full speaker interview and more content including the latest brochure and past attendees can be found in the Downloads section on the website.

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