MHVillage, Inc.
MHVillage, Inc.

MHVillage Announces the Industry's First Manufactured Home Listing Service (MH/LX)

MHVillage introduces the first Listing Exchange that allows manufactured housing industry professionals the ability to share listings and co-broker homes without the high costs and restrictive rules that have prevented MLS's from working in the past. This announcement is part of a larger effort by MHVillage and MHI to revitalize the industry's resale market. The MH/LX is free for all professionals with listings on MHVIllage.

Grand Rapids, MI, March 15, 2006 --( Modeled after the highly successful “Data Exchanges” utilized primarily by the commercial real estate industry, MHVillage introduced the industry’s first Manufactured Home Listing Exchange (MH/LX) at the MHI Winter meeting in Newport Beach.

A Data Exchange, like the newly created MH/LX, can most easily be understood as an “informal” MLS, where sales professionals voluntarily share listing information in order to co-broker homes, increase sales, stabilize prices, and improve market information.   Unlike a formal MLS, however, the MH/LX does not create or enforce rigid and restrictive rules and regulations, and does not require the substantial investments of money, time, and energy required to successfully operate and maintain a traditional MLS.

Participating MH/LX Sales professionals will now be able to voluntarily identify which, if any, of their MHVillage listings are available for co-brokering.  They will not be required to make all their listings available, but for the listings they do make available, they will identify the commission amount and specify the co-brokering terms on a listing-by-listing basis.  Only authenticated, participating MHVillage professionals will be able to view the MH/LX listing information, which will not be viewable by consumers.  

MHVillage President Dan Rinzema says, “Not only does the MH/LX eliminate the most often sited and valid objections that prevent Professionals from working together, it actually facilitates the process of helping them begin to work together, which is critical to the revitalization of our resale market.  Ultimately we believe that in some larger and higher priced markets, a full MLS may eventually be the right model because it imposes discipline, forces standardization, and can allow for more efficiencies in the sales process.  However, like all industries, we must learn to walk before we can run, and the MH/LX provides a very simple, straightforward, and cost effective way to begin that process.”

In keeping with it’s long-term commitment to support the manufacturing housing industry through the associations so vital to its success, the new MHVillage MH/LX features will be available to MHI and State Association members at absolutely no charge.  Non-members will pay a small monthly account and listing fee to encourage them to consider the other benefits of becoming an Association Member.

MHVillage is the Manufactured Home Industry’s largest and fastest growing Internet based listing service, and the only listing service endorsed by MHI.  With its national headquarters in Grand Rapids, MI it currently hosts over 10,000 listings and attracts over 7,000 visitors per day.  

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