The Leading Data Activation Company, Innovaccer Launches Its Solution for Seamless Provider Referral Management for Better Connectivity and Outcomes

The solution aims to reduce network leakage, boost referral scheduling, patient follow-throughs, direct the right referrals, and gain the bigger picture of the network.

San Francisco, CA, August 31, 2019 --( Even after years of investing in value-based care, healthcare still lacks defined communication channels to connect providers and patients. Organizations still operate in silos which often limits their operational efficiency. From scheduling patient appointments to reporting on patients’ health conditions, the US healthcare system needs a presto chango at multiple fronts. According to a report added on the "Research and Markets" website, the global referral management market is expected to increase at a CAGR of 22% during the timespan of 2016-2023.

In order to eliminate these complications, Innovaccer Inc., the leading San Francisco-based healthcare data activation company, today announced the launch of their Referral Management solution. The solution is aimed at assisting healthcare organizations to manage all referrals in one place to minimize network leakage and improve health outcomes.

The solution allows the users to view and schedule referrals at the point of care, and frees them from time-consuming tasks, allowing them to focus entirely on patient-centered care. It helps providers to initiate referrals at the point of care without leaving the EHR experience without any hassle by surfacing the right insights about the patient and enables providers to conduct the best procedure. With the right insights into the patients and specialists, providers can avoid network leakages.

Additionally, the solution provides real-time scheduling capability to ease the referral process and integrates the information with the calendars of the patient and providers. Innovaccer’s Referral Management solution provides the scorecard for every specialist and ranks them based on their specialty, payers, and geography, among others. With the help of its advanced Machine Learning-based algorithms, the solution creates automated worklists to help providers prioritize referrals and helps providers to send the details to the referee in just a single click.

With the solution, providers can easily communicate with patients by sending them automated appointment reminders and updates to patients. The solution creates a two-way communication channel with patients and ensures the deployment of a closed automated feedback loop.

“Whenever any patient misses out on getting the right care is the failure of healthcare. Even though referral management is a crucial element in consolidating the healthcare network, it remains a vexing challenge for most healthcare organizations,” says Abhinav Shashank, CEO at Innovaccer. “With our Referral Management solution, we aim to bridge that barrier among providers and patients that has been hindering them from achieving the best. ”

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Innovaccer Inc. is a leading healthcare data activation company committed to making a powerful and enduring difference in the way care is delivered. Innovaccer's aim is to make full use of all the data healthcare has worked so hard to collect by righting the wrongs of healthcare technology, doing away with long-standing problems and replacing them with ideal solutions. Its Gartner and KLAS-recognized products have been deployed all over the US across more than 500 locations, enabling over 10,000 providers to transform care delivery and work as one. Innovaccer's solutions have successfully activated data for several institutions, governmental organizations, and several corporate enterprises such as Mercy ACO, StratiFi Health, UniNet Healthcare Network, Catalyst Health Network, Hartford Healthcare, and Osler Health Network. Innovaccer is based in San Francisco and has offices all over the United States and Asia.

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