Paranormal Palace Radio Show Host Royce Holleman Opens Online Paranormal Club for Community to Meet

With features like Myspace but dedicated to the paranormal community, The Paranormal Club is the ideal place to meet and make friends of like minds, writers, investgators, researchers, filmakers, or anyone else in the paranormal community is welcome to join and share for free.

Houston, TX, April 05, 2008 --( The Paranormal Club was created in the hopes of the paranormal community having an ideal environment in which to share and fellowship and grow, facilities are provided to foster this type of sharing and growth. Facilities include profiles, blogs, forums, video and mucic uploads, photo uploads, forums, chat, groups, onsite instant messaging and more. Webmasters are welcome to share links to thier sites as well as info about their site. The blogs are an excellent place for researchers to share excerpt from thier books as well as links to thier books, blogs are also ideal for investigators and researchers alike as well as filmakers to keep the paranormal community up to date in whats happening in the paranormal community blogs are also great for anyone to keep a journal . Groups are a great place to build a presence in the paranormal community. No matter what a persons goal is in the paranormal community The Paranormal Club has the ideal facility to bring it to fruitation. So come by join for free, invite friends, share and create the paranormal community you want to be a part of.

Paranormal Palace
Royce Holleman