SocksLane Facebook Page Improves Content for Nurses and Working Moms

Portland, OR, September 14, 2019 --( Just in time for the start of the 3rd quarter of 2019, SocksLane has announced the new improved content of their Facebook page that working moms and nurses can benefit from. They have tips and news on cotton compression stockings, media on how to cope with stress. Customers can also talk to each other and exchange ideas, post comments and suggestions to the company’s official page.

SocksLane customers are now able to discuss about the product feedback and also get complementary information in their newsfeed. Amanda Dixon, the company's CMO said: “I will try my best, to post relevant blogs, pictures, tips and others materials which I think will be beneficial to our clients. After all, we are not just here to provide them with products but after sales support as well.”

A recent Facebook post tells readers how they can maximize the benefits of compression socks while others suggest recipes which are good for the health, show how to prevent joint inflammation, propose exercises tips and others.

SocksLane's compression socks are designed for both men and women who have problems with varicose veins, who travel long flights or who stand for long periods of hours. While conventional compression socks are made of nylon, polyester or other synthetic materials which can cause irritation, rashes and even discomfort, SocksLane hypoallergenic compression socks are made from 65% Natural Combed Cotton and selected high-quality fibers which are comfortable for the skin.

SocksLane Women Cotton Compression Socks are available in 7 (and soon more) models, two sizes and come with a full Money Back Guarantee and can be purchased on
Amanda Dixon