The Frijoles Y Arroz Narrative Podcast Premieres

Season One of this pioneering podcast premieres now on popular podcast players. This is a story of resistance in modern time inspired by the stylings of old-time radio.

Albuquerque, NM, September 16, 2019 --( The Frijoles Y Arroz Podcast, a pioneering narrative podcast, announces its Season 1 premiere. This is the story of a bumbling Porque Sheriff's Department struggling to combat crime and build community in this poignant comedy set in eccentric, small-town New Mexico.

Frijoles Y Arroz was created by James Charleston of Breaking The Cycle Films to show the power of nonviolent conflict. This series takes on the polarization of today’s social conflicts by giving voice to various perspectives in a thoughtful and comedic way. It allows the audience to delve into the biases, stereotypes, and ideologies which currently fill the airwaves. Through this story, listeners are given the opportunity to explore their fears and insecurities in a safe, non-threatening manner.

This Albuquerque based production involves 27 local and regional team members. Purposefully, James sought out and partnered with women in key roles of the production including; Director (Catharine E. Jones), Casting Director (Michelle Tomlinson), Producer of Marketing (Carey Rose O’Connell), and Foley Artist (Lara Dale). He didn’t stop there, in Episode 101 65% of the dialogue was given to women, reinforcing the mission of the podcast to solidify the equality of women and create a Society where Intimacy is Safe for all.

To polish this visionary podcast, local Sound Engineer Doug Geist of Santa Fe Center Recording Studios in Albuquerque, NM helped craft the recording of season one episodes, our teaser and partnered with our Foley Artist to add the highest quality effects and textures. The sound stylings of this podcast not only make it completely unique, even among narrative podcasts on the market, but allow the listener to fall into a visual experience that saturates them into the story and more importantly the social messages it provides. The podcast is available on Apple, Spotify, Tune-In and other popular players.

About Frijoles Y Arroz

Frijoles Y Arroz is a pioneering narrative podcast using throwback stylings to tell a story of resistance in modern times. On a mission to create a Society where Intimacy is Safe for all, it was created to show the power of nonviolent conflict. Looking toward our Season Two production, Frijoles Y Arroz is seeking Women-Owned Businesses interested in partnering with the podcast for mutual promotion and support. Interested parties are welcome to contact our Producer of Marketing to learn more details.
Frijoles Y Arroz Podcast
Carey Rose O'Connell