16 Nominees for International "Open Quality Printing Contest" Have Been Chosen

Moscow, Russia, September 25, 2019 --(PR.com)-- The 1st Stage of the International “Open Quality Printing Contest” is over. During this Stage the quality of prints (made with the use of compatible laser cartridges) has been evaluated. The evaluation of prints quality was performed using standardized testing method LEM 1.01.19, developed by the Laboratory of Electrography.

The organizer of the Contest is the Information Agency “Business-Inform.”

The co-organizer of the Contest is AQCMS (The Association of Quality Cartridge Manufacturers and Suppliers).

The Contest accepted the prints made with the use of remanufactured or new compatible cartridges of Russian and International brands.

The Contest has seen Russian and International companies taking place in it, the companies presented their prints made by cartridges of 37 brands. According to the results of testing 16 best brands were chosen. The prints presented by those brands showed high quality, allowing the organizers to declare all 16 brands the nominees of the 1st Stage of “Open Quality Printing Contest.” The list of nominee-brands is published below.

The detailed analysis of nominee-brand’s prints allowed choosing the Winners of the 1st Stage of “Open Quality Printing Contest.” The winner-brands will be revealed on 18 October 2019 at 04:00 pm in Zhuhai (China) during RemaxWorld Summit 2019 conference. There the nominees and winners will also be awarded there with diplomas and presents. Within the framework of this event the information regarding will be revealed regarding the beginning and conditions of the 2nd Stage of “Open Quality Printing Contest” during which it is planned to evaluate the quality of compatible cartridges according to the Russian Standardized method LEM 2.01.19.

They invite all visitors and participants of RemaxWorld Expo 2019, as well as representatives of nominated brands of the 1st Stage of International “Open Quality Printing Contest” to listen to the report by Kashinaskaya T.V. (The Laboratory of Electrography) and Malinskiy S.V. (Information Agency “Business-Inform”) entitled “How the First Russian Standardized Testing Method (LEM) Will Impact Printing Supplies Going into the Russian Market” (October 18, 2019, 04:00 p.m., Zhuhai, RemaxWorld Summit 2019). It is at this very occasion that you will learn the names of the winner-brands and would be able to congratulate winners and nominees of th 1st Stage of “Open Quality Printing Contest.”

Contacts: E-mail: bizinform@list.ru, info@sforp.ru
Julia Danilogorskaya, Deputy General Director

Nominees of the First International “Open Quality Printing Contest”
- Dataproducts
- freeColor
- Integral
- Static Control
- G&G
- Retech
- Solnce
- Cactus
- Hi-Black
- Uniton Premium
- Profiline
- Bulat
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