Balanced Eating Just Got Easier

Redondo Beach, CA, April 06, 2008 --( Setting dietary goals—whether for weight control, to cut back on fast food, or simply to eat healthier—all begin with eating a balanced diet. But those searching for answers to the balanced eating puzzle are often faced with conflicting advice about which foods to eat and not to eat. To clear up the confusion, and to help with the endless food choice decisions, the Food Balance Wheel offers an innovative new approach for quickly planning balanced meals around the reader’s personal food preferences. In this compact easy-to-read book, with color illustrations throughout, the author presents this new method, along with information on key nutritional topics, quick tips for better food choices, and fill-in charts to copy and use again and again.

Balanced Eating Made Easy with the Food Balance Wheel
A How-To Guide For Quickly Planning Balanced Meals
Around Your Own Favorite Healthy Food Choices
by Art Dragon

About the Author:
As an engineer with a Bachelor of Science Degree in Physics, Art Dragon would be an unlikely choice to author a book on nutrition. But driven out of desperation to control his weight while still enjoying the foods of his choice, Art developed the Food Balance Wheel, the subject of his first book Balanced Eating Made Easy with the Food Balance Wheel. A master of bringing order to chaos, he has applied his talents to organize and make sense of all the conflicting information surrounding nutrition and eating right, and presents his new concept in a concise, easy-to-understand package.

ISBN 978-0-9802310-0-7, $7.97, 51pp.
Published by Sea Level Publishing
PO Box 4182, Redondo Beach, CA 90277-1753

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