Receiver Mark Adams and California Receivership Group Celebrate Two Decades of Bringing Relief to California Communities Impacted by Nuisance Properties

California Receivership Group was founded twenty years ago, by Receiver Mark Adams, to help the people and communities impacted by nuisance properties. Dilapidated properties cause a number of negative effects that extend far beyond the property line. These include decreasing neighboring property values, compromising physical health and safety, as well as rising crime. In keeping with their mission, CRG celebrated its anniversary by organizing a cleanup of their local beach.

Santa Monica, CA, September 26, 2019 --( On August 2, California Receivership Group and Receiver Mark Adams celebrated the 20th anniversary of their first appointment as receiver. On that date in 1999, a judge signed the order appointing CRG to address code violations at a 66-unit apartment complex in Los Angeles. Although receivership was an available remedy, listed in California's Health and Safety Code to address substandard properties, this marked the first time it was used to tackle a nuisance abatement issue. On learning of the remedy from a UCLA professor in the early 90s, Receiver Mark Adams, felt that this was the answer for nuisance properties where no other code enforcement strategies had been successful. Since that first appointment, CRG has become the most experienced health and safety receiver in the state, working on over 220 projects throughout California and mentoring or training many other receivers in this field.

In keeping with their mission, CRG celebrated its anniversary by organizing a cleanup of their local beach. Microplastics, cigarette butts, and larger pieces of refuse are finding their way into the Pacific Ocean and endangering the wildlife we share it with. While making a small dent in this large problem, the CRG team was able to see the effects of single-use containers on the environment, and how challenging they are to deal with when they break down into the tiny pieces that cause so much destruction to marine life. The benefits of a beach cleanup surpass the physical removal of trash; the activity encourages participants to think critically about the waste we each generate. CRG partnered with LA Waterkeeper for their cleanup, and there are many organizations throughout California that will help if you’re considering a cleanup of your own.
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