Doctor Jo Releases Video on SocksLane Garments to Help With Knee Pain

Portland, OR, October 05, 2019 --( SocksLane has teamed up with Doctor Jo in providing informational video on how to get rid of knee pain with simple exercises and knee-high compression garments. SocksLane is one of the leading providers of cotton compression garments on Amazon. They have ventured in providing knee sleeves along with their already top-rated compression socks. With this release, Doctor Jo, the CEO of has also released a video that will help get rid of knee pain with the use of compression garments from SocksLane.

Dr. Jo is a licensed PT and a well-known influencer online. She has given her thumbs up for the use off compression garments from SocksLane that help with leg problems. In her video, she gives 5 exercise tips to help people who are standing a lot in their work, moving a lot or do a lot of running. She has stressed that the use of compression socks to better alleviate leg pain.

SocksLane, aside from manufacturing cotton compression garments, has published numerous reports, and blog posts that help people with leg fatigue, inflammations, swellings or varicose veins, and others. Dave Dixon, the co-founder of the SocksLane said, “As a company, we have received good and bad reviews but continue to be a customer favorite and medical doctor recommended when it comes to compression socks. We are grateful for Dr. Jo’s Video.”

SocksLane products are available for purchase from the company website,, or on Amazon at
Amanda Dixon