Special 100Mbps Colocation Pricing

Special Colocation pricing starting as low as $25 for 1U with 100Mbps connection will be available from hosting and data center service provider Stealth - ISS Inc. (http://www.stealth-iss.com) with its subdivision Dedicated Server and Colocation Store (http://www.dedicatedserverstore.com).

Tampa, FL, April 07, 2008 --(PR.com)-- Dedicated Server and Colocation store is the cheapest provider of dedicated 100Mbps connections for business customers. This service is available for customers with server colocation, dedicated servers but also customers requiring a full rack with a dedication 100Mbps connection for the entire rack. A full and complete 42U rack with a dedicated 100Mbps connection is $200 a month with a $99/setup fee.

The current April specials include 1U collocation with 100Mbps connection and unlimited traffic for $55. A 2U collocation for a business or web hosting server with 500GB traffic per month and a shared 100Mbpps connection is available for $55 with a setup fee of $59. A full rack with 42U and a 100Mbps connection can be rented for $820 a month. For customer with dedicated connection needs, the specials include 1U with a dedicated 8Mbps connection and unlimited traffic for $120 a month. Business customers with a need for a dedicated 32Mbps connection and unlimited traffic can rent the collocation services for $300.

Besides the current specials, Dedicated Server Store also offers three different types of connections that customers can choose from. The standard connections for business and web hosting customers are shared 10Mbps and 100Mbps which are most commonly used for colocation. The most common connection used by business customers is 250GB monthly traffic with 100Mbps shared connection for 1U colocation which is $40 a month.

Burstable connections for 10Mbps and 100Mbps lines are most commonly used for business or game server customers that show a spike of traffic during certain hours or days. Such a burstable connection guarantees them a burstable speed of 8Mbps, 16Mbps all the way up to 100Mbps when required. Customers requiring such internet service for their collocated business or game server will be able to purchase it starting at $30/month.

Dedicated connections, the third connection option provided by Dedicated Server and Colocation Store is very important for large business customers requiring a guarantee that certain speeds are available to them at all times. These dedicated connections star at 1Mbps for $15/month up to a full dedicated 100Mbps line for $1200. This is an ideal solution for businesses with large volume game servers as well as streaming media servers.

Established in 2001, Stealth - ISS Inc. caters to commercial and government customers worldwide. The company’s headquarters are in Tampa, Florida.

For more information on colocation service, contact Stealth – ISS Inc. at sales@dedicatedserverstore.com or http://www. dedicatedserverstore.com

Stealth - ISS Inc.
Dasha Deckwerth