SurchX and Konnektive Partner to Help Konnektive Customers Recover Credit Card Fees

Phoenix, AZ, October 09, 2019 --( SurchX, the only dynamic compliant surcharging solution for ecommerce merchants, and Konnektive CRM are pleased to announce they have partnered to help Konnektive’s customers seamlessly recover their credit card processing fees.

The partnership enables Konnektive’s ecommerce merchants to incorporate a fully compliant transaction fee to purchases made with a credit card.

“We are very excited to partner with the team at Konnektive CRM,” said Robert Maynard, founder of SurchX. “They are a progressive CRM solution for ecommerce merchants, and we share the vision of making our clients more money with the innovative efficiencies that we create in their existing businesses.”

How does the integration work? During checkout, SurchX’s dynamic surcharging software instantly identifies the type of card being used along with other important factors. It then calculates the maximum surcharge fee allowable under card issuer regulations in addition to state and federal law. That amount is then added to the customer’s checkout page labeled “transaction fee.” Customers can avoid the fee by choosing an alternative payment method, such as debit card or ACH if available.

Credit card processing fees have long been a major pain point for merchants with fee increases they cannot control. These fees are especially problematic for online merchants, who often have relatively tight margins.

“Implementing SurchX is free to merchants and gives Konnektive’s customers an opportunity to surcharge without having to change their hardware, ecommerce platform, or merchant processor. By partnering with SurchX, Konnektive offers our customers an edge in today’s competitive marketplace,” said Butch Hildebrand, Vice President of Business Development for Konnektive.

About SurchX
Because of its strong momentum in the industry, and earned trust and credibility at the enterprise level, SurchX is making a huge impact on ecommerce in the United States. Powered by proprietary technology, the company’s free SaaS platform uses a sophisticated algorithm to empower merchants to recover losses from interchange fees and boost their bottom lines.

SurchX identifies card type, associated fees, and jurisdiction rules then adds the transaction cost to the customer’s invoice in real time. All transactions are guaranteed secure and compliant with state and federal regulations.

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About Konnektive
With hundreds of integrations, Konnektive saves businesses from scrambling to find data from multiple systems because our platform puts everything businesses need at their fingertips. Konnektive CRM was designed to automate and synchronize an entire business with the easiest, most intuitive user interface. Download the mobile app and run a business from anywhere with one simple login and total visibility to revenue and sales performance. Gather & store data for contacts effortlessly, saving untold hours of busy work, and focus on generating revenue. Data that Konnektive will gather and manage includes: Chargeback & Fraud Screening, Call Center & Customer Service, Sales & Order Entry, Shopping Cart, Merchant Gateway & Fulfillment.
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