Madison Ave. Learns from Thrill Street for Fast Lane to DRTV Success

Direct Response Television is very different from traditional consumer Advertising, and to learn the techniques and integrate the hot buttons, the Agencies on Madison Avenue are calling on Michael Dugan at Thrill Street Entertainment, Inc. ( to help put them incorporate the proven strategies for DRTV success.

Boca Raton, FL, April 07, 2008 --( Psychics, Slicers, And Dicers. Oh My. Fifteen years ago, this used to be the fodder pushed at viewers using infomercials and direct response television, but Direct Response Television is not just for gadgets and gizmos anymore. Measurable Direct Response Television advertising is now mainstream, and Madison Avenue is calling on Michael Dugan at Thrill Street Entertainment, Inc. ( to catch up and learn the strategies to increase the response of their DRTV effots.

"There are a lot of secrets, tricks, key words, and other tools we use to increase the response and buying results in infomercials and DRTV spots. They are not obvious, and the larger Madison Avenue agencies have realized that the DRTV paradigm is very different from the consumer advertising paradigm that they have refined over the years.", Michael Dugan explained. "I learned many DRTV strategies through my successes and mistakes over the last fifteen years, and some of the larger New York Agencies have called me in to help them get up to speed with this type of advertising as quickly as possible."

"For the big agencies, direct response advertising used to be a forgotten step child compared to network consumer advertising, but now many clients are insisting on advertising campaigns that they can measure response immediately."

The difference between typical consumer advertising and direct response is that there is usually a phone number or a website included in a direct response commercial. A "call to action" throughout the spot is used to get consumers to either call in or go online immediately and either buy or ask for information or sign up - whatever the spot wants them to do.

The beauty of this advertising is that you can directly measure whether it is working or not based upon the response. How the phone rings or the internet site starts buzzing after the spot airs indicates if the commercial is compelling, if the media money was spent well, and can even indicate whether the back end has been set up properly.

"When a client is spending millions on a network campaign, direct response advertising can tell them clearly if it is working, and more importantly, the measurable results always indicate ways to make the entire campaign from the message, the media, the website, and the phone service better.", Dugan added. "If you follow the numbers, you can optimize a campaign and give your client the biggest bang per buck. When I help an agency boost direct response by only 10% or 15% that can often be the difference between a lackluster campaign or a major hit."

Dugan used to specialize in national campaigns for Procter and Gamble, General Foods, Coors Beer, Chrysler, and other major advertisers as a senior writer for Benton & Bowles in New York, and then as a freelance writer, director, and producer in Los Angeles. Family reasons forced him to South Florida where the only commercial production was in the world of infomercials and direct response television.

"The major agencies do a great job of marketing, and that is where I built my foundation, but there are nuances that change the paradigm with Direct Response. I was forced to learn "How To Ring The Phone" by my circumstances, and my training from the major Advertising Agencies allowed me to create campaigns that used the best of direct response advertising and national consumer campaigns", Dugan explained.

Thrill Street Entertainment, Inc. has collaborated on many network direct response campaigns, and the results have exceeded $750 million dollars in response. Notable success stories include CIGNA's Medicare Prescription Plan Recruitment, NationsHealth rise from a tiny start up to a publicly traded corporation, and the robotic vacuum cleaner that is sweeping the nation.

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