LeakTronics Offers the PG-2 for Easy Pipe Locating

Pipe locating, mapping and tracing is made easy with the Pulse Generator PG-2 by LeakTronics.

Canoga Park, CA, October 10, 2019 --(PR.com)-- LeakTronics, the leading manufacturer and global distributor of leak detection equipment, has released the Pulse Generator PG-2 pipe locator for plumbing and swimming pool professionals. Using transnode technology, the PG-2 allows for accurate pipe detection using standard listening equipment, also available with the PG-2. The PG-2 pipe locator is available now through the LeakTronics website at https://leaktronics.com.

Locating pipes underground is the hardest job a contractor has to deal with. It often involves digging, or breaking concrete to isolate where the pipe is. The PG-2 uses the latest design technology to radiate an audible pulse throughout the entire line of an isolated pipe allowing any listening equipment to easily identify it’s location. A contractor can map and trace plumbing and irrigation lines without using an electric charge, or cumbersome sonar tools. The gentle pulse from the PG-2 is non-destructive, and doesn’t shake the pipe loose, it injects the pulse from inside the water filled line and offers a clear and distinctive sound that’s easy to locate.

In the past, finding plastic or PVC pipes hasn’t been an easy option. Plastic doesn’t carry an electric charge, so typical location techniques have not been a benefit to many modern plumbing applications. As PVC lines are the most popular option for pools, residential and commercial interior plumbing and irrigation systems, mapping and tracing lines is often a hit or miss situation that involves invasive techniques to locate lines. The PG-2 takes away the invasive requirements to locate pipes.

LeakTronics offers the PG-2 as a stand alone product for contractors that already own listening equipment at $980, or a kit that includes LeakTronics LT-1000 amplifier and soil probe for listening through solid surfaces like concrete and decking, soil, aggregate and landscaping at $2130. It also includes a listening disc that makes identifying the location of pipes behind walls, cabinets, under flooring, driveways and sidewalks easy. When connected to an active spigot, or attached to plumbing that needs to be located, the pulse radiates through the entire line, as well as through other plumbing connected to the line it is attached to. This allows contractors to mark out the location of lines they will inspect over extensive areas and throughout entire buildings. Once it is set to run, the pulse will continue to be delivered while the technician marks the location of the pipes.

LeakTronics equipment is manufactured at the company location in Los Angeles, California and can be ordered with direct to door shipment through the LeakTronics website. It is covered by a 2 year limited warranty and come with free customer support.

Learn more by visiting https://leaktronics.com or call 818-436-2953 for more information or to place orders by telephone.

LeakTronics is the leading manufacturer and global distributor of professional leak detection equipment for the pool and plumbing industries. Manufactured entirely in-house and warranted by LeakTronics for repairs, consumers can also enroll in online training for leak detection certification.
Joe Dolan