All Teachers and School Staff Need to Register is going to be the first National Online Teachers Community. They are gathering opinions and information on every aspect possible in the teaching profession. To register and be a part of is absolutely free and was created as a teachers greatest resource.

Tempe, AZ, April 06, 2008 --( They need teachers to give their opinion's on current and future issues in education such as: NCLB, school violence and safety, special education, ELL students, behavioral issues, and many more issues. They will also provide teachers with free resources such as: free lesson plans, free job listings, free merchandise and much more.

At this time they are looking for teachers to represent their states for Once you've registered they will ask if you would like to participate and it's very optional. If you choose to be a state representative for them they will send you merchandise and business cards to influence your area. You will gain extra benefits from them if you become a state representative. Again, it costs nothing to become a state rep with them. welcomes all teachers and school staff because they know how valuable your thoughts and opinions really are.

"Let your voice be heard"
Questions? Email them at:

Robert Gustavis
What we are all about

What we are all about

This is the information we send out to schools