New You Cell Renew Offers NMN. The Same Product Being Researched by NASA for Use in Manned Missions to Mars.

Two leading scientists won NASA's iTech competition with a proposal for using NMN to treat DNA that has been damaged by radiation exposure, repair of DNA and RNA along with slowing of the aging process. This finding has caught the attention of NASA. The pair of scientists' biological solution beat out the creations of 300 others in the competition.1. New You Cell Renew is the only company that offers NMN in doses taken and suggested by leading scientist.

Brunswick, GA, October 12, 2019 --( New You Cell Renew offers the highest MG of the active form of NMN on the market today. With doses of NMN and CoQ10 up to 900MG this is the only company offering the doses suggested and taken by leading scientist.2. Most people have not heard of NMN and do not know what it does. NMN increases NAD+ which repairs your DNA & RNA inside your cells essentially making them young again.1.& 2. Helps increase exercise capacity up to 80%. It supports Heart, Muscles, DNA repair and healthy aging.1.& 2. New You Cell Renew uses the active form (B-Nicotinamide Mononucleotide) of NMN.

​CoQ10 studies with Performance athletes has found that prolonged rigorous can deplete your CoQ10 levels. Regular exercise has been found to stimulate the production of CoQ10 but those who are high performance athletes, like bodybuilders need more than the body can produce. The end result could be a dilated heart.3. CoQ10 helps increase power during exercise and reduce fatigue, both of which can improve exercise performance. CoQ10 boosts energy, while speeding recovery from exercise. Supports Heart and Muscles for congestive heart failure and Parkinson's disease.3. For more information visit New You Cell Renew today.


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New You Cell Renew
Deborah Smith