SocksLane Knee High Socks Gets Approval of

Portland, OR, October 16, 2019 --( SocksLane, the leading provider of cotton compression socks on Amazon, gets approval from for its compression socks. Doctor Jo, the founder of the website made a review video on the cotton compression socks which she favored. According to the licensed physical therapist, the cotton compression garment is highly recommended for people who have leg problems. She further said that it can be used daily especially for those who walk a lot every day.

The informational video also featured different exercises on how to keep legs healthy, especially the knees. Dr. Jo is a well-known influencer online. In her video, she has stressed that the use of compression socks to better alleviate leg pain.

According to the US National Library of Medicine, thousands of Americans have different types of leg pain over this past year alone, from chronic lower leg pain to osteomyelitis. The use of proper legwear (that includes socks, shoes, pants, etc.) is important to alleviate pain and even cure it.

SocksLane Combed Compression Socks are made of natural combed cotton blended with high-quality anti-allergic stretch fibers. SocksLane remains the leading provider of premium cotton compression socks on Amazon in the last 24 months. Their products can be seen on
Amanda Dixon