Zoellner Whole Financial PLLC, a Comprehensive Financial Service and Large Transaction Firm, Closes Another Deferred Sales Trust™ Due to a Potential Broken 1031 Exchange

Waterford, MI, October 25, 2019 --(PR.com)-- David R. Zoellner Sr. and his associates work closely with real estate sellers and business sellers to defer the taxes on large transactions. Often times, a Commercial Broker will close on the sale of commercial property for their client and will be seeking to complete a 1031 Exchange into another property. In their attempt to locate a suitable property, many challenges may burden their attempts to satisfy their client’s needs and expectations. By no fault of their own, the Broker may find that they are forced to select an undesirable property to meet the 45 day rule to exchange into.

The client may not like the price, location, terms or find that the tenant situation with remaining lease is unacceptable. But of higher concern for the client, is the threat of paying the capital gains taxes on the first sale. Upon nearing the end of the 180 day closing period without an agreed upon exchange, the pressure is terrible for the commercial broker.

Zoellner Whole Financial PLLC can take off the pressure and assist with the possible deferral of taxes on the closed sale with our Turn Key Operation called the Deferred Sales Trust™ (DST™). As a Partner of the Estate Planning Team and the Financial Manager, ZWF PLLC can add language to the Accommodator’s Agreement and have the Accommodator select a DST™ and assist with the possible deferral of all of the taxes from the first sale.

August of 2019 ZWF PLLC received a call to rescue an exchange from the sale of an apartment complex. The tax burden was quite high as the property was acquired by the seller through a default on a CLO. The collateral for the CLO was the building. After 5 months without a suitable property, the proceeds from the sale were sitting with the accommodator. In this instance, the seller contacted the Estate Planning Team on his own. So in this case, the seller saved himself.

The commercial broker could have been viewed in a much more positive light had they offered the DST™ as an alternative to paying the taxes on the closed sale. Unfortunately, the seller viewed the commercial broker as more of a salesperson, than as a trusted real estate advisor.

David R. Zoellner, Sr. wants to encourage commercial brokers to offer ZWF PLLC's DST™ as another option for sellers to defer taxes as well as the 1031 Exchange. Use the DST™ when a real estate seller just wants to retire. Use the DST™ to avoid a broken 1031 exchange. Use the DST™ when the sellers want to sell now and park the un-taxed proceeds until Cap Rates go up. Because the United States could enter a recession and real estate prices can collapse with the economy; having an opportunity to buy real estate long after 180 days has passed in a depressed real estate market makes a lot of sense right now, for certain investors.

And for all Business Brokers and Commercial Brokers, considering adding a DST™ to one of their tools for the benefit of their clients, remember, on doesn't need to be an expert in the DST™. The best practice is to mention the DST™ as a fallback position to defer taxes when getting the listing. The ZWF PLLC/DST group begins the work for the client, after they have a signed Purchase Agreement (which is an agreement of a price to sell the assets).

Zoellner Whole Financial PLLC, nor David R. Zoellner, Sr. are tax professionals. Please consult an appropriately licensed professional for all tax related matters. This is neither an offer to purchase or sell securities. Such offer can only be made after a thorough review of all offering material & and complete suitability review by a financial representative.

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