Nuttee Bean Co.® Presents FAVALICIOUS(TM): Snacks as They’ve Never Bean Before

A highly exclusive ingredient list, but an all inclusive guest list.

Miami, FL, October 31, 2019 --( Since day one, the goal of Nuttee Bean Co.™ has been to create clean-label snacks that can be enjoyed by anyone and everyone, regardless of dietary restrictions or food allergies. Excitingly, Nuttee Bean Co.™ is announcing the much-anticipated US market launch of their new product FAVALICIOUS(TM), which (as the name suggests) is a fava bean based snack, and (as the name also suggests) is 100% delicious. Also 100% kosher, gluten free, certified vegan, non-GMO, palm oil free, trans fat and cholesterol free, and free from the top eight major food allergens, but they couldn’t fit all of that in the name.

Three Mouth Watering Flavors
While developing new packaging and improving the oil used for roasting, three delicious and exceptionally balanced new flavour profiles were perfected:

- Chili & Lime: Is it getting hot in here? The lime arrives just in time to put out the fire starting in your mouth
- Wasabi & Ginger: A wasabi kick to the tongue, nose and eyes (in a good way), followed by soothing ginger
- Salt & Vinegar: Thought this flavor was good on chips? Somehow it’s even better on fava beans

Favalicious(TM) fava beans are produced in an exclusive “fava bean only” facility in order to eliminate the risk of cross contamination with food allergens such as peanuts or gluten, making them a healthy and safe snack choice for the 32 million Americans living with food allergies. Favalicious(TM) is the only whole roasted fava bean in the market with a signature belt (other accessories sold separately), and the beans are small batch roasted in expeller pressed high oleic sunflower oil, keeping them palm oil free.

It’s not just about what isn't in Favalicious(TM) fava beans. Fava beans are a small but mighty nutrient powerhouse that appear to have mostly slipped under the superfood radar until now. Each bag of Favalicious(TM) contains 14 grams of protein (making it a great alternative to nuts) and 16 grams of fiber (making it a great alternative to prune juice). What’s more, they are delicious and highly addictive. You’ve been warned.

“Our promise is to deliver everything you need in a snack. No Junk! Everything you need, nothing you don’t! We’re thrilled to be launching the great tasting and great-for-you Favalicious(TM), so it may be enjoyed by all types of snackers,” says Nuttee Bean Co.™ founder and fava bean enthusiast Frank Guido.

About Nuttee Bean Co.™:
Nuttee in name and nuttee in nature, Nuttee Bean Co.™ is committed to offering quality, healthy, non-allergenic, flavourful, fun and affordable products with mass appeal. Nuttee Bean Co™ began producing allergy friendly snacks in 2017 to introduce the US market to the great tasting and healthy snack potential of the humble fava bean. Focused on developing delicious, healthy snacks in an era where food allergies are increasingly prevalent and consumers are increasingly mindful, Nuttee Bean Co.(TM) has arrived just in time.

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Wara Torrez
Communications Director
The Nuttee Bean Co.
Wara Torrez