Thomas Salzano, an Intellectual Poet Launches Poetry Archive

Thomas Salzano who is best known for his poems, short stories, and novels, has launched his website that not only highlights his work but also gives a glimpse of other famous poet’s write-ups.

Holtsville, NY, November 11, 2019 --( Thomas Salzano’s writing has an impact on the reader’s mind and one is forced to think about the connection between him/her and the poetry/story.

The website consists of traditional, cultural, and scientific backdrops with an immense amount of emotions. Though the website, it is proved why Thomas Salzano is considered as a literary genius as he can touch or engage with the deepest emotions of society and readers.

The poetry website also contains some pieces, known for their psychological insight and realism.

He has been appreciated for his uncustomary capitalization of letters, irregular use of punctuation, and words with profuse meaning.

Stanzas in Thomas poetry is perfectly crafted with a fixed use of couplet, tercet, quatrain, cinquain, sestet, septet, and octave. His website includes all the three most common types of poems i.e. lyric, narrative, and descriptive.

Other parameters of the poem like rhyme, scheme, and meter are perfectly defined. His poetry has all the characteristics (figures of speeches, descriptive imaginary, punctuation and format, sound and tone, and choice of the meter.

The best thing about the Thomas website is, if you are an aspiring writer or a poet and want to showcase your skills, it is a perfect platform.

On the bottom of every poem, the full meaning of words is given (it includes both the dictionary definition and the special meaning that the word has in a given piece/expression/phrase.)

About Thomas Salzano

Thomas Salzano is An American poet and humanist. He is hailed as one of the most prolific poets of all time. He has mastery in the free verses of the poem as he abandoned the conventional prose form.
Poet Thomas Salzano
Thomas Salzano