Hodusoft Announce Prepaid and Postpaid Billing Feature Inclusion in IP PBX Software

Hodusoft's industry acclaimed IP PBX software now has added features of prepaid and postpaid billing with included payment gateway, making it ideal for enterprise as well as telecom carrier and service providers segments.

Ahmedabad, India, November 09, 2019 --(PR.com)-- Hodusoft, a unit of Ecosmob, announced prepaid and postpaid billing feature in their already well acclaimed IP PBX software This is connected to the integrated payment gateway that allows users to pay from within the software. According to the company’s VP, this feature is quite convenient for enterprises and, more pertinently, carriers and service providers providing VoIP PBX as a service to their various customers.

The advanced billing module is quite detailed and well architected. Users of Hodusoft IP PBX software can segregate billing and accounting into the postpaid and prepaid streams. Within this they can set rates for various customer segments and services in various regions, even applying local language and currency rates. Their customers can make payment through the integrated payment gateway using PayPal or any other channel as may be desired. Service providers can make use of the inbuilt facility to send out invoices and reminders well in advance. The billing is linked to the connected CRM and accounting package plus analytics and reports to derive data on revenues and performance. The VP claimed that the addition of prepaid and postpaid billing adds to the existing rich feature set to make Hodusoft’s VoIP PBX one of the best out there.

Recapping the features he said that the best thing about the software is the WebRTC inclusion that turns normal desktops and smartphones into audio-video communication and conferencing centers. At the same time it is easy to provision any brand existing IP Phones, giving users the best of both worlds. Add to this the option of having unlimited clients and the facility of handling 1000 concurrent calls and 10000 extensions and one can see why Hodusoft is fast becoming the preferred IP PBX for carriers, services providers and enterprises worldwide. Cost of ownership and cost of operation is the least when one considers the least cost routing feature and that the IP PBX is offered as a hosted solution, making it ideal for small businesses, startups and large enterprises too. Service providers have the option of offering multi-lingual and multi-currency services across various countries and manage such operations through the multi-tenant model, setting permissions for each feature as may be desired. Carriers and service providers can opt for a reseller module and further provision services according to their business method. Hodusoft’s IP PBX undergoes routine tests for performance under varying conditions to assure flawless services and clients have access to ongoing updates. As for service quality and rates, Hodusoft claims to offer the best terms.

Enterprises and service providers wishing to know more about Hodusoft’s IP PBX may get in touch on phone 91 79 48939393, 1-707-708-4638 or chat live on http://hodusoft.com/ip-pbx-software/.

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Sindhav Bhagirath