Resto-Rat Customs to Edutain Crowds at Car and Truck Shows Nationwide

Welcome, NC, November 10, 2019 --( Resto-Rat Customs, along with parent company 8 Lug Circus, have invented some very unique ways of getting their customs noticed and remembered.

Introducing Bill & Ray

Bill & Ray are a set of 1950's gas pumps that will be used as promotional, edutainment props on "The Still Chuggin Tour," releasing in late 2020. The interactive duo was created by TC Steele of Resto-Rat Customs.

When asked, "What made you create Bill & Ray?"

TC stated, “Bill & Ray along with a few other characters, have been created with the concept of gaining more attention to our builds and sponsors at shows. However, we wanted to create something that had character and the ability to become a character. We created each one to be family friendly, educational, exciting, and fun.”

TC continued, “Every builder proudly displays their builds, but we want our builds to stand out and become an experience for auto enthusiasts of all ages. TC continued by stating... that when he designs a build, each one is designed with its own 'themed' edutainment stations.”

What can we expect from Bill & Ray?

TC replied, “To be edutained! I really can't get into specifics of the design or total functionality, but what I will tell you is... Bill & Ray will be a fun, informative addition to the 'Still Chuggin' tour that will help us and our sponsors reach a wider spectrum of automotive enthusiasts.”

Since Bill & Ray are interactive, can we expect any tech company involvement?

TC replied, “We do have some great sponsors and companies backing the projects, and we are talking with several tech brands, but cannot release any information at this time, you will just have to wait and see.”

Bill & Ray along with their one off custom partner, a 49 Chevy 3100 known as Still Chuggin – aka Ol’ Chuggy will be released in late 2020.

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