EnMobile Launches Mobile Marketing Campaign for Tropical Tanning

Tropical Tanning, a tanning salon based out of Athens, Ohio is embracing EnMobile’s mobile marketing solutions in their latest marketing campaign.

Athens, OH, April 09, 2008 --(PR.com)-- EnMobile, a cutting edge mobile marketing agency based out of Athens, Ohio has launched a new marketing campaign for Tropical Tanning Salon. By embracing EnMobile’s unique mobile marketing solutions, Tropical Tanning is ready to increase business and connect with their consumer base like never before. Tropical Tanning is just one of the many businesses to adopt EnMobile’s innovative platform, revealing how popular EnMobile and mobile marketing has become.

Developed by Brandon Bornancin, EnMobile encompasses a team of the most dedicated, innovative, outside the box thinkers. As the CEO Mr. Bornancin “wanted to generate a new era of connectivity” where businesses actually see a return on their investment for marketing and advertising. The owners of Tropical Tanning agreed with Mr. Bornancin’s approach and saw EnMobile’s strategy as the most promising and effective way to market their company.

As a full service mobile marketing agency, EnMobile makes it possible for businesses to target a specific audience through a person’s mobile device. They offer many mobile marketing solutions that include things like SMS messaging, mobile coupons, alerts, brochures, ringtones, wallpapers, mobile contests, and mobile websites. For Tropical Tanning, interested parties can text “tropical” to “95495” to receive a coupon that can be redeemed in the store. EnMobile is dedicated to working with individual companies to deliver tailored results.

The latest partnership between EnMobile and Tropical Tanning is just one example of how quickly EnMobile is growing. Tired of the more traditional modes of advertising and marketing, that do not deliver results, Tropical Tanning turned to EnMobile to assist them in expanding their business and influence within Athens, Ohio. While EnMobile’s campaign for Tropical Tanning has just been launched, Tropical Tanning has embraced the new age of marketing and believes EnMobile will lead them to success.

About Enmobile:
EnMobile, headquartered in Athens, Ohio is a full-service innovative strategic marketing and advertising agency specializing in creative mobile technology and platforms. Comprised of a young team of mobile innovators, the agency provides progressive mobile marketing solutions, including mobile multimedia applications and consulting services to help advertisers engage consumers, with an emphasis on Generation Y. EnMobile has offices in Athens, Ohio and Fort Myers, Florida.

Brandon Bornancin