Stay Introduces Get A Grip, a Game-Changing Grip Spray for the Power Yoga Industry

West Hartford, CT, November 18, 2019 --( Stay is proud to announce both its launch and the arrival of its brand new aromatherapeutic yoga grip spray, Get A Grip, which solves the problem of slipping on your mat during power and hot yoga practices. This revolutionary grip spray effectively adds a tackiness to the palms of your hands and the soles of your feet to improve safety and increase stability on your mat and other surfaces. The added benefit of Stay's Get A Grip yoga spray is the eucalyptus and peppermint aromatherapeutic scents that adds to the mindful yoga experience.

Get A Grip was created by friends, yogis, and Managing Partners, Michelle Hollander and Nancy Hunt, who understand the distraction and frustration of spending a power yoga practice slipping and sliding, and then stopping to wipe your hands and your mat. “There is nothing worse than feeling your palms casually sliding away from you every single time you adjust yourself in downward facing dog,” says Michelle.

“Whether you know your hands are prone to sweating, slipping, and sliding during your yoga flows, or you just want a secure mat with better friction, this grip spray will keep yogis in place and more focused for an improved practice,” says Nancy. “This spray can be used before practice on dry hands or during class when your hands and mat are already wet.”

Stay is the first company to solve this frustrating and often dangerous problem, and provides indisputable anti-slip protection each time a person practices yoga. The product is environmentally-friendly, never tested on animals, and hypoallergenic. The spray goes on clear with no chalky residue, easily washes off hands and other surfaces with mild soap and water, and meets all current regulatory requirements for skin care.

The launch comes at a time when yoga is more important than ever due to its various mental and physical health benefits. The yoga industry is the fourth fastest growing industry in the United States, expanding exponentially with more than 36 million yoga practitioners in the U.S. and 300 million worldwide.

About Stay, LLC
Stay, LLC was established in West Hartford, CT in 2017 by Managing Partners, Michelle Hollander and Nancy Hunt. Stay is the creator of a unique aromatherapeutic yoga grip spray, Get A Grip. This innovative grip spray is plant-based, cruelty-free, and safe for people and the environment. Designed especially for the powerful yogi to combat the dangers of slipping on a yoga mat, Get A Grip is infused with natural aromatherapeutic scents to enhance your yoga experience. Stay currently operates in the continental U.S. with plans to expand into other markets by next year. For further information, visit:
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