aThing™ /™ Unveils Modular Electronics

Pasadena, CA, November 20, 2019 --( The chip manufacturer aThing™ /™ unveils today a line of modular electronics also called System-on-Module (SoM), that will enable rapid-prototyping and a rapid-manufacturing process.

The goal is to make electronic products like a Lego system, a process that has been used by the Defense industry for more than fifty years and recently the consumer electronics industry is embracing the concept towards a more environmentally friendly approach of manufacturing.

While traditional manufacturing process takes from six to eighteen months from idea to reality, with aThing™ /™ the same process will take only minutes, at retail prices.

The meta-goal is to promote a new manufacturing method that embraces Lean Manufacturing to the extreme, which is Manufacturing-on-Demand (MoD).

With MoD, products can be manufactured one product at the time, without having to fill shelves of unsold products. As soon the customer buys the product, the product is being assembled and shipped.

The "modular" part is thanks to small ZIF (Zero Insertion Force) connectors also used for mobile phone manufacturers to interconnect several subsystems of a phone.

The use of ZIF connectors is the difference between a closed system and a re-usable system and the difference between e-waste and re-usable electronics. aThing™ /™ is committed to consumer electronic movements such as the "Right to repair" movement that fights back against consumer electronics manufacturers that make it illegal to repair their products. aThing™ /™ approach is to solve repairs, upgrades, and recycling of its products, protecting the fundamental right of the consumer that owns the product.

The acceleration is thanks to the second part of the modular system, called Modular Mesh™, a flex circuit that interconnects all the modules. Modular Mesh™ can also be customized to other nonstandard configurations, making it the only part of the system that needs to be fabricated if necessary.

aThing™ /™ is a chip manufacturer that makes modular electronics, also called System-on-Module (SoM). "It's like Lego for electronics... but is not a toy™", aThing™ ( brings rapid-prototyping and rapid-manufacturing to the consumer electronics industry, reducing cost and development from months to just minutes.

aThing™ /™ focuses on IoT, AI/Edge, and Robotic markets.

aThing™ /™ is a Self-Financed C-Corporation and green technology advocate. Soon to open the gates to private investment taking full advantage of the Jobs Act.

CEO / Founder: Ramiro Montes De Oca
Headquarters: Pasadena, California US

For media inquiries, contact:
aThing Inc.
Ramiro Montes De Oca
(702) 527-1274