Convertr and Orb Intelligence Launch Strategic Partnership

Denver, CO, November 22, 2019 --( Convertr, a data routing and optimization platform that delivers data acquisition, integration, and database integrity solutions, has partnered with Orb Intelligence, a global data provider with 60 million company records.

Convertr’s new integration with Orb Intelligence will automate data enrichment to deliver more complete, accurate records across theirr customer tech stacks. By implementing enrichment through Convertr’s data processor, Orb Intelligence’s account and firmographic data points will improve marketing’s targeting and campaign activities, strengthen sales activities with more valuable contact and company information and aid trend and performance analysis.

Data enrichment brings powerful firmographic data to customer profiles such as Industry, Company Size, and Revenue, but that data doesn’t always reach the right records, leaving sales and marketing to manually research and amend profiles as they go. By automating this process when data enters, enrichment data points allow prospects to be routed to more applicable marketing campaigns or directly to sales, improving customer interactions and revenue returns.

According to Convertr’s Chief Strategy Officer, Chris Messina, “We help our customers solve some of their most challenging data problems, from data capture and distribution to tech stack integrations and compliance. By allowing our customers to pull in detailed third-party data from Orb Intelligence, they have even greater control over their data processes and how that data is distributed across the organization.”

“Orb sees Convertr as a strategic partner that will enable us to further integrate the portfolio of data services we provide to both agencies and brands,” said Alex Southworth, Orb's Head of Business Development. "Integrating account data across the entire customer journey is a major pain point for both agencies and brands. By combining Orb’s firmographic data and B2B audience solutions with Convertr’s platform, Agencies and Brands will be able to focus on driving effective, omnichannel and integrated ABM campaigns, while not needing to worry about data quality and integration."

About Convertr:
Convertr is an API-first data routing and optimization platform. We are an unbiased tool used to filter, enhance, normalize, and automatically route accurate & actionable prospect data. With Convertr, customer databases are protected from expensive, bad data and strengthened through the delivery of complete, high-value profiles that are accessible across the tech stack.

About Orb Intelligence:

Orb Intelligence is a firmographic data provider which offers marketing software vendors and enterprise customers with high quality, international firmographic data to enable B2B sales and marketing analytics and account level master data management.

Convertr Media Contact
Stephanie Gilbert

Orb Intelligence Media Contact
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Stephanie Gilbert